In the past, if you wanted to become a DJ you had to learn how to use turntables and a mixer. It was a really long time until DJ was integrated as software and anyone could learn how to mix music within no time. In the past DJs carried huge crates if vinyl records around to gigs and even spent loads of time at the record store selecting their music for their fans. The next phase of DJs was that of booklets filled with CDs and also the USB sticks.

The Best Music Mixing Software

Digital technology and the increased portability and power of laptops has completely revolutionized the way DJ mix music. DJ software basically allows the DJ to perform and Mix music in the same manner and in similar methods as a traditional vinyl turntable mixer. There are a bunch of varying factors that one can make use of in order to identify the best software to use to accomplish the music mixing and performance task. Some of these factors include overall reviews or recommendations in discussion groups and forums on the web, customization for veterans, and amateur ease of use, versatility, price, manufacturer’s reputability, and the general popularity of the software in the DJ community. There are many software’s that can get the job done but there is one, in particular, that is of superior to the rest.

The Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro

The Native Instruments Traktor Pro from its launch a decade ago has set the bar for digital Djing, There are various DJ software’s that can perform particular things way better than this software but there is no software out there in the market that can be able to match the Traktor Pro’s reliability and flexibility. The software features various aspects such as key analysis algorithms. Impressive beat, high-definition effects, loop recorder, remix decks, and superb sample desks. Essentially the Native Instruments Traktor Pro contains each and every modern property that a DJ in the present day would need.  Here is how to use the Native Instruments Traktor Pro.


There are a lot of reviews on the Traktor pro in forums and discussion groups that also praise the software for its hardware controllers the flagship S4 and S2 and even its more compact Z1, F1 and X1 which are actually the best in the market making the software has a stronghold on how Djing is done in the market at the present moment and maybe for longer. Traktor gives you the freedom to be able to experiment and flexibility and it has a very large extent of creativity. There are no limitations you can go as far as you want it is the best of the best in the market without a doubt.